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PE carpet underlay

PE Plastic film series

Non-woven fabric series
Technical Specification
Type          PU foam
Top Surface          Non-woven fabric
Bottom Surface         Non-woven fabric
Thickness          7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm,11mm and 12mm
Density          80kg/m3 90kg/m3 100kg/m3 … 160kg/m3
Application          Domestic use, Lay Flat down fabric backing face upwards
Character          Sound Absorption, Thermal Insulation, Fitter Friendly
Size of roll          11m ×1.37m = 15m2
Origin          Manufactured by European technologies & quality controls
Wear Guarantee          For the lifetime of the installation
Comfort Rating          ★★★★★
The non-woven fabric range is made for most of domestic use, in combination with excellent thermal and acoustic properties to reduce heat loss and increase noise reduction.

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