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Underlay Plus Ltd.

Commitment to quality, we represent a leading label in carpet underlay market. We are manufacturing carpet underlays directly to wholesales. Innovated by market initiatives, a collection of high-performance carpet underlay are introduced to commercial and domestic sectors. All the quality foam carpet underlay are special made for British market and users.

Located the industrial centre with anti-static floor, compound anti-dust ceiling and beautiful factory area, the manufacturing centre is more than 20,000 square meters and has possessed plenty of production lines, along with the state-of-the art machines and testing devices. The carpet underlay factory has set up a set of comprehensive producing management system and quality control computer program which lay a solid foundation to our production and new products development. Our quality carper underlay have complied with BTTG and SGS standards. By doing so, your orders are quickly and accurately made by commitments, all of your orders will be facture $ shipped on a daily basis to all over the world. 

Among carpet underlay family, luxurious stitch paper underlay has the unique floorcovering feature to reduce the noise level and keep the heat. Mainly in 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 11 mm thickness, these are perfect for the carpets in bedroom, living room and hotels. PE and PU carpet underlay also play a vital role in carpet underlay market. As it is relatively more economy than traditional stitch paper underlay, we are supplying them at budget price, enable every wholesale to benefit from quality and price.


Carpet Underlay
PE Plastic Film Underlay
Stitched Paper Underlay
Non-woven Fabric Underlay
Contract Underlay
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Carpet Gripper
Wood Carpet Gripper
Concrete Carpet Gripper
Dual Purpose Carpet Gripper
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