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Wood Flooring Edging & Door Bars

Information on wood flooring edging and door bars, to help achieve the perfect wood flooring installation.

Laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring all require room to naturally expand and contract.  Because of this, an expansion gap is required around the perimeter of the room. This allows the material to react to changes in temperature and humidity without causing damage or buckling. To cover these expansion gaps and give the floor a professional finish, we have a wonderful choice of edgings, trims and doorbars to complete your floor. Edgings should be attached to the walls to allow free movement of the wood underneath, using either an adhesive such as Pink Grip or nails.
A classic way to finish your room, we have skirting available in various styles and finishes to match your flooring and taste. Many of the ranges we have available have skirting ordered to match. Or you can choose a paintable skirting if you wish to add your own finish.


Scotia is a type of moulded trim to compliment your floor and provides a seamless transition between floor and skirting. If you wish to leave your original skirting in place, these trims will cover the expansion gap and finish the floor. There are many colours available in laminate trims, and these can be ordered to match your flooring. For wood flooring, we have a solid oak scotia that is oiled to order. This ensures a perfect finish and the best possible look for your project.


Door Bars
There are many different types of door bar available to achieve a smooth transition between rooms. Our door bars are in metal, laminate effects and wood, all carefully picked or oiled to match your floor. Transition door bars are most commonly used to go between rooms of similar height with reducing door bars used to take up height differences. For wood floors we have solid oak door bars oiled to match or in walnut. These are deeper than laminate door bars and come in transition, reducers and stop profiles.

End Profiles
End profiles are quite versatile and have a few different uses. They are readily available to match any laminate floor or oiled to match your wood floor. These can be used around the room to cover the expansion gap, giving a clean finish that is flush to the surface. End profiles are attached to the subfloor via invisible fixings, leaving your skirtings clear. End profiles can also be used in places where other types of trim might not be quite right, for example to finish a floor at a patio door, when a scotia or skirting might be too high.


Stair Nosing
If you wish to finish a wood floor off at a step, we have versatile stair nosing available. These hook over your step to provide a pleasant rounded finish that is comfortable to walk on, ensuring your floor remains tidy and neat. Stair nosings are solid oak and are oiled to match your floor.


Radiator Rosettes
If you need to cut around radiator pipes when laying your flooring, you will need to leave an expansion gap around them. To cover this neatly we have a selection of pipe rosettes that are put around the pipe and rest on your flooring to conceal the gap.

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