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How to Remove Glued Carpet Underlay

When remodeling your house, there may come an occasion when you need to remove the carpet originally in a room. When removing the original carpet, the underlayment underneath is typically glued to a concrete floor, and removing the underlayment can seem like a daunting task. However, doing this isn't terribly difficult, just time consuming, depending on the size of the room and the amount of glue on the floor.


Things You'll Need

Utility knife

Razor blade scraper

Run the utility knife lengthwise down the carpet underlayment in approximately 4-foot-wide sections.
Pull up as much of the carpet underlayment as you can by pulling it with your hands. It's OK if there are patches stuck to the floor, as this is just to get off the bulk of the product so you can focus on the glued spots. Discard the underlayment.
Scrape up the glued sections of underlayment using the razor blade scraper. You want to hold the scraper at a 15- to 35-degree angle to the ground as you scrape, changing the razor blade if it gets dull. The goal is to make the floor as flat as possible, so scrape off any and all glue.
Sweep up the floor using the broom and dust pan. Once the floor is clear, go back over it with the razor blade scraper to clean up any leftover glue.



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