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How to fit carpet underlay

Fitting carpet underlay is either hard or time-consuming. It is rather important to have right carpet underlay for your carpet, not only it lasts as long as it can, but it also extends carpets lifetime.

There are a set of carpet fitting tools you need as below:
•      Carpet grippers ( wood gripper, concrete gripper or dual purpose gripper)
•      Hammer
•      Carpet tacks
•      Carpet underlay
•      Carpet heat seaming tapes
•      Staples
•      Staple gun
•      Carpet scissors

Step 1: Ensure all the old floorcovering incl. old carpets and carpet underlay, grippers has been removed. The fitting areas are also cleaned, and try to make the flooring as flat as possible.
Applying carpet grippers into place along the perimeter of the room or space you are carpeting. To attach the grippers to the floor, hammer carpet grippers through the floor. Set the grippers approximately ½ inch from the wall or doorways to allow room for attaching the carpet and installing metal profiles

Step 2: Unroll the pieces of carpet underlay, cut the underlay off the roll with enough excess to go up the skirting board and through the doorway. and cover the entire floor or space with the strips of underlay. Put pieces together at seams, and attach the pieces together at seams using carpet seaming tape that will also secure the underlay to the subfloor.
Allow the underlay to overlap the carpet grippers or sit directly against the inside edge of the carpet grippers. Go around the seams of each underlay strip. If you are installing to a concrete subfloor, you can't attach the underlay with staples. You may choose to use a different type carpet underlay.

Step 3 : Trim excess pieces of underlay from the edges of the room with a carpet cutter. Cut the pieces so that they fit tightly inside the inner edges of the carpet grippers. Start cutting in, simply use the edge of the carpet gripper as a guide, pull the knife slowly along the edge of the gripper which means that you are going to have cut the underlay to a tight fit to the edge of the carpet gripper.

Step 4: On concrete floors, pull back the underlay and using spray adhesive lightly stick the end and sides of the underlay to the floor. For wooden floors use staples to staple the underlay down.
Once completed roll the next piece of underlay out along side of the fixed piece and once again cut in and fix to the floor. Once that has been done, use carpet underlay tape to tape the long joint to prevent movement and dust filtration.
Walk across the carpet underlay, and seek out spots that the underlay bunches up so that you can fasten the carpet down in these spots with a few staples. Once the underlay is in place and secured to the floor without creases and bumps, begin attaching the carpet on top of the underlay.


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