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How to choose the right carpet underlay for your home

Choosing the right carpet underlay is crucial. You need to first understand how the carpet underlay is made of. Underlay is very important for when you are having your new carpet. Underlay provides added softness to the carpet, improves sound insulation, improves heat insulation, absorbs the weight of furniture to prevent marks and helps against general wear and tear. I think its safe to say, underlay is definately a helpful thing to have!

A carpet underlay is a piece of foam, PE film or paper that sits below or top the carpet to protect the bottom of the carpet from wearing and produces a softer floor surface. Thicker carpet underlay materials are ideal for homes, while thin and more durable underlay works best for high traffic areas of the home or in businesses. Laying a carpet underlay should take no more than an hour to complete, though you may need a bit of assistance handling the long pieces of carpet underlay while laying it into place on your subfloor.

To fit carpet underlay properly, you need to first decide what underlay is suitable for your floor or carpets. There are mainly carpet foam underlay and stitched paper stitched carpet underlay. Both of them can be either for domestic and commercial use, depending on the thickness and density.

PU or PE carpet underlays are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons, they are light weight and easy to handle, have excellent heat and sound insulation properties and importantly stay as soft and springy for longer. For carpets that already have a built-in underlay we would suggest that the 8mm or 10mm underlays.



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