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How to Apply Carpet Heat Seaming Tapes

If you're installing new carpet in your home, you may need to fit two pieces of carpeting together in order to completely cover the floor in one or more rooms. A very easy and efficient way to do this is by using heat seaming carpet tape, which will fuse together the two sections of carpeting at the seam. You'll need a carpet seaming iron Instructions

1 Cut the pieces of carpet so that their edges overlap by at least 6 inches at the point they are to meet and form a seam.

2 Lay the pieces of carpet on the floor so that they are in their final position, with their edges overlapped.

3 Fold back one piece of carpet and cut the other piece at the point where the seam will be. Use the seam cutter to get a straight edge. Unfold the other piece of carpet and cut it so that the edges meet. Position the two sections in the exact place they will be installed and mark where the seam will run.

4 Lay a piece of Bon Tool carpet tape, glue-side up, on the floor in the exact spot where the seam will be. Position the tape so that half of it falls under each piece of carpet.

5 Hold the heat seal tool over the tape to melt the adhesive. Position the heat seal tool about an inch above the surface of the tape and be careful not to touch the tape with the tool. It will take about 15 to 30 seconds for the glue to melt, so be patient.

6 Place the carpet sections on the heated tape. Use the seam roller to set the bond and form a virtually invisible seam; roll the tool along the entire length of the seam.

7 Continue with the carpet installation, attaching the carpeting to the carpet gripper along the wall edge and stretching it with the carpet stretching tool. Sponsored

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