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Carpet underlay and gripper genernal questons

As a carpet underlay and carpet gripper manufacturer, we summarize some frequently asked questions to share with you

1. Can i use my current Underlay with my new carpet?You can have your new carpet fitted on old Underlay, but we do not recommend it.Carpet needs to have a firm support so that you can get the best performance out of your new carpet. Having new underlay will give your new carpet extra life, compared to being put on old underlay. In time, your currently underlay will have become flattened as your carpet has worn.

2. What carpet underlays or carpet grippers are you manufacturing? We are making PU carpet foam underlay from 7mm thickness to 12mm thickness, with non-woven backing or stitched paper backing, thickness is from 80kg/m3-100kg/m3. Most of used in the market recently is 8mm and 10mm PU carpet underlay in 90kg/m3.

3. Do i have to have Underlay?This all depends on what type of carpet you are looking to purchase.Woven carpets do not have any type of cushioned backing, therefore underlay is required.Carpets with a secondary backing usually have either a polypropylene mesh or hessian backing with no cushioning, therefore underlay is required. Felt backed carpets have a thin layer of felt which is often described as having a built in underlay. Unfortunately, this 'felt back' offers very little in the way of the benefits compared to our underlay products.For foam backed carpets, underlay is not recommened. Woven CarpetsThese do not have a cushioned backing and therefore underlay is essential. Felt backed carpetsThese carpets have a thin felt back and are often sold described as having in built underlay.  However they offer little in the way of the benefits listed above and we would recommend therefore that they be placed in top of an underlay with a smooth surface. Foam Backed Carpets Underlays are not recommended for use with these types of carpets.

4. Which Underlays are suitable for stairs?Stairs are probably the area that wear and tear occurrs the most. The construction of the carpet is very important and having underlay helps prevent wear and tear. Having underlay on the stairs increases the radius over the stair nosing, which reduces wear concentration.

5. Does underfloor heating affect my Underlay choice?Tog rating is the factor in your choice of underlay. Combined, your carpet and underlay should not exceed 2.5tog. You should seek advice from the manufacturer of your floor heating system first as the underlay you purchase could effect the performance of your system.

6. How do i determine which underlay insulates heat best?We recommend getting carpet with a high tog rating and we also recommend carpets containing wool which naturally have excellent thermal insulation properties.

7. What underlay is the most suitable for a concrete floor?We recommend having an underlay with a higher tog rating as this will give you brilliant thermal insulation and will stop the heat from transfering through the underlay. It will also help reduce cold air transferring through the underlay from the concrete floor.

8. How do i determine the best underlay for sound absorbtion?Most of our underlays show a noise reduction property in terms of dB. The higher the figure the greater the noise reduction.

9. What benefit will I get from choosing a firm underlay? Benefits of Firmer underlaysThese give added protection to the carpet against the hard sub-floor during normal walking. Indentations from furniture will be less severe where the carpet is fitted on a firm underlay. Firmer underlays will prevent excessive vertical movement and stretching of the carpet in use and will therefore help to prevent rucking problems. Comments on Softer underlays Soft, low density underlays do not give as much support in heavy wear areas as the carpet pile is effectively squashed against the sub-floor, accelerating wear and appearance changes. A softer product could eventually collapse under excessive pressure and allow the carpet backing to be distorted, preventing good recovery and making furniture indentations more severe.

10. I have underfloor heating, which underlay should I use? You are limited to the types and styles of underlay available based upon the tog rating.  The combined tog for the carpet and underlay should not exceed 2.5tog.  We sell a range of underlays specifically designed for use with underfloor heating for carpets, laminates and contract use.  Please seek advice from the manufacturer of the heating system first as the underlay you purchase could effect the performance of your system. We recommend Heat Flow Laminate, Carpet & Contract by Tredaire, these are a range of specially designed underlays to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems when installed under wood/laminates and carpets. Envirolay 28 felt can also be used as it has an open cell structure and will allow heat to transfer through it easily.

11. Which is the best underlay for a concrete floor?It depends on your budget but we would recommend an underlay with a higher Tog Rating as this will provide excellent thermal insulation and prevent the transfer of heat through the underlay. It will also help reduce cold air transferring through the underlay from the concrete floor. We recommend Cloud 9 Cirrus, Cumulus, Tredaire Softwalk & Dreamwalk, and Envirolay 42 & 54 Underlays.

12. What are the best underlays to use on stairs?Carpet laid over stair nosings suffers the heaviest wear in the home. The construction of the carpet is of paramount importance, however, underlays play a very important role. This is primarily to increase the radius over the nosing thus reducing wear concentration. Flat firm underlays offer the best protection such as Envirolay 42 & 54 Felt, Cloud 9 Cumulus, Treadaire Dreamwalk and Duralay Tredmore.

13. Which underlay do you recommend to use over wooden floorboards?All our carpet underlays are ideal for use over wooden floor boards, there is a large choice depending on your budget but generally with rubber underlays and felt underlays the heavier the weight the better the quality and with PU underlays the thicker the quality the better product.

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